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Celebrating The Ones Who Give Us Joy!

It’s all about the pets! They make all our lives richer with their love, their antics and their loyal devotion. We want to share some images of some of the special pets that came through our door this morning. We think they are pretty darn special!


Duke D.

Meet Duke D. Duke is a ruggedly handsome German Shepherd Dog who plans to become a Search & Rescue dog some day. Not only is Duke pleasing to the eye-he’s got a sunny disposition and can-do attitude that will take him far.

Sable P.

The eyes have it! This is Sable P. Sable is a long time Ark patient and a big favorite of all. He loves to be deposited on the counter so that the staff can get some serious cuddle time. Sable works from home as a domestic engineer as he works hard to train his humans in the proper care and management of a feline household. Sable is very dedicated to his vocation.

Sable P.

We had to share one more image of Sable since he was the only cat traveling “sans carrier” and available for the “media”.

Ace F.

We’d like to introduce Ace F. Ace is a young (and handsome!) American Bull Dog. We caught Ace in a rare serious pose. Ace is a court jester in training…all of the giggles on his arrival tell us that he’s been studying hard. He’s always willing to share a kiss or to clear a cluttered table with his constantly wagging tail.

Stitch H.

Let us introduce Stitch H. Stitch holds the lofty position of Ambassador of Goodwill For All Pugs. His confidence and charm are guaranteed to win hearts and make even the biggest curmudgeon smile.

Molly F.

Meet Molly F. Molly is a Doggie Day Care Attending Assistant and she is very dedicated to her position. She may look like a delicate fashionista but this girl has a core of steel and a loving attitude. Molly is another long time Ark patient and she knows the way to all of our hearts.

We hope that you enjoyed meeting a few of our special patients and we thank their moms and dads for allowing us to share their photos with you call!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Your Ark Family

September 28, 2013 Is World Rabies Day!


September 28, 2013 is World Rabies Day. This is a day of education on the deadly rabies virus and how you can protect your pets and family.

Preventing Rabies Where You Live In Florida

Rabies-Possible Exposure-When To Seek Medical Advice

About Rabies

Be Safe Around Dogs Coloring Book For Children

Dog Bite Prevention Through Education

If your cat or dog is not up to date on their rabies vaccine (or you are just not sure), play it safe and get them to a licensed veterinarian to protect them and your family against this deadly, preventable disease! In Sarasota County cats and dogs are required to be vaccinated and to have a current Sarasota County Rabies License. When we vaccinate for rabies we automatically issue a county license for your pet.

All of us here at Ark Animal Hospital are here to keep your pets safe and your family educated on the best pet care to keep all of you healthy and happy.

Chetica A. Maus, DVM