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Celebrating The Ones Who Give Us Joy!

It’s all about the pets! They make all our lives richer with their love, their antics and their loyal devotion. We want to share some images of some of the special pets that came through our door this morning. We think they are pretty darn special!


Duke D.

Meet Duke D. Duke is a ruggedly handsome German Shepherd Dog who plans to become a Search & Rescue dog some day. Not only is Duke pleasing to the eye-he’s got a sunny disposition and can-do attitude that will take him far.

Sable P.

The eyes have it! This is Sable P. Sable is a long time Ark patient and a big favorite of all. He loves to be deposited on the counter so that the staff can get some serious cuddle time. Sable works from home as a domestic engineer as he works hard to train his humans in the proper care and management of a feline household. Sable is very dedicated to his vocation.

Sable P.

We had to share one more image of Sable since he was the only cat traveling “sans carrier” and available for the “media”.

Ace F.

We’d like to introduce Ace F. Ace is a young (and handsome!) American Bull Dog. We caught Ace in a rare serious pose. Ace is a court jester in training…all of the giggles on his arrival tell us that he’s been studying hard. He’s always willing to share a kiss or to clear a cluttered table with his constantly wagging tail.

Stitch H.

Let us introduce Stitch H. Stitch holds the lofty position of Ambassador of Goodwill For All Pugs. His confidence and charm are guaranteed to win hearts and make even the biggest curmudgeon smile.

Molly F.

Meet Molly F. Molly is a Doggie Day Care Attending Assistant and she is very dedicated to her position. She may look like a delicate fashionista but this girl has a core of steel and a loving attitude. Molly is another long time Ark patient and she knows the way to all of our hearts.

We hope that you enjoyed meeting a few of our special patients and we thank their moms and dads for allowing us to share their photos with you call!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Your Ark Family

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It’s All About The Pets!

Jake B-Handsome AND sweet!

Noah L-”You didn’t tell me the paparazzi would be here!”

Duncan W/T-a very handsome boy of Scottish descent,

EVERYONE loves Duncan!

Honey C-dashing, dapper and happy-go-lucky

Our days begin early and then tend to end late most days and the pets in the photos are representative of why that we put our hearts and souls into Ark Animal Hospital. Pets give us such joy with their unconditional love and companionship and we are so honored to have a part in keeping them healthy and happy for their families. They are all so special with their unique personalities and we really enjoy having them and their wonderful owners in our “Ark Family”.

Our special thanks to the wonderful pets who posed for us today. Jake “B” is a glorious black and white Border Collie. (Jake-we all love you but you don’t need to get into anything to come and visit us….we promise!) Noah “L” is staying with us at the moment and he’s the cutest Yorkshire Terrier-we love those cute ears! Duncan “W/T” is a Scottish Deerhound mix who won us over the first day he arrived. He always comes to the counter and gives us a kiss! Honey “C” might be small but he is mighty in spirit. He’s cheeky and he did have time to kiss the photographer today.

We just wanted to share some of the terrific pets that we saw today.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Dr. Chetica A. Maus & Staff

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The Important Part Of Ark Animal Hospital-Our Patients!

This handsome boy is Nero. He had to say hello on arrival!





Meet Moose! Moose is a seasoned 11 year old who looks so kind and wise.


This is Micah who belongs to one of our staff members. We call him the Cowardly Lion (but not to his face!)

We just wanted to celebrate the reason that we are all here early and sometimes stay late…..these wonderful pets that mean so much to you….and to all of us at Ark Animal Hospital. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Dr. Chetica Maus and Staff

Images courtesy of Roxanne Sahlin©2013-All Rights Reserved

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Show Us A Smile-February 2013 Is National Pet Dental Health Month



For the entire month of February of 2013 we are offering a 10% dental discount for Ark Animal Hospital’s patients as our way of celebrating National Pet Dental Health Month!

(If your pet is not a current Ark patient and you are interested in bringing your pet(s) to Ark Animal Hospital just give us a call. Our friendly staff will set an appointment for one of our doctors to examine your pet and discuss their dental health needs. The 10% discount will apply to the dental procedure services on the day of the dental. Any necessary annual vaccines/tests,  medications, or products dispensed on the day of the dental are not included in the discount and will be full price.

Pets with periodontal disease, abscessed teeth, tartar and plaque build up and bad breath are nothing to smile about!

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 85 percent of dogs and cats show signs of oral disease by age four. The trouble begins when food particles and bacteria build up in the mouth to form plaque and tartar, which leads to reversible gingivitis. Gingivitis, if ignored, will progress to periodontal disease. Irreversible periodontal disease leads to tooth decay, bad breath, bleeding gums and, in severe cases, tooth loss. When bacteria from periodontal disease travels into a pet’s bloodstream, the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and nervous system can be affected. These infections usually are treatable when caught at an early stage. However, if they are not caught in time, they can cause serious organ damage and even death.
All pets are at risk for developing dental problems, so it is important for owners to have their pets examined by a veterinarian annually to detect problems early. It also is important for owners to check their pets often between visits for these warning signs:
  • Bad breath
  • Tartar buildup on the teeth
  • Swollen, receding or bleeding gums
  • Fractured or abscessed teeth
  • Change in eating habits
A pet should be taken to a veterinarian immediately if it shows any of the above symptoms.


All pets coming in for dental procedures must be up to date on their routine yearly lab tests and vaccines. For dogs: Distemper-hepatitis-parvo-corona, Bordetella (tracheobronchitis), Rabies, Heartworm test and Fecal test. For cats: Feline distemper, Feline Leukemia, Rabies and Fecal test. We also require pre-dental blood screening-what test we require are based on the age and the health of your pet. Call us for more information.

We want to share some links below on dental health for your pet.

A video on how to brush your pet’s teeth.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition makes a diet especially for good dental health.

Use this link for coupons to save on your pet’s Hills veterinary diets.

Information of National Dental Health Month from Merial

We apply Oravet to all of our dental patient’s teeth-check here to see why!

Give your pet a healthy, happy smile today!

Dr. Chetica Maus





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The Winner Is…..Bing-Bing!

Dr. Chetica Maus presenting the big blue bag full of goodies to Bing-Bing Robinette and her “dad”, Tom Robinette
Photograph by Doug Sahlin © Doug Plus Rox Photography 2012


The votes came back and Bing-Bing was our big winner at Ark Animal Hospital’s Pets With Santa Photo Contest! Bing-Bing is a beautiful blue Sharpei puppy with the best personality in the world. She bounces into the clinic and you cannot help but smile at her zest for life. Her “mom” and “dad” brought her in today to claim her grand prize and to have her photo taken by Doug Sahlin of Doug Plus Rox Photography of Venice, Florida. She is such a happy girl!

From all of us at Ark Animal Hospital, Congratulations on your big win Bing-Bing!

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Time To Decorate The Holiday Tree-Just Say No To Tinsel For A Pet-Safe Holiday!

Santa Claws Is Coming To Hound
Lets Make It A Safe Holiday!

The holiday season is upon us again and as it gets into full bloom there are several issues that may be problematic for our furry family members. The decorations are pretty mesmerizing to people and pets alike. It is often quite challenging to keep the furry ones away from the Christmas trees or the candles of the Menorah. Please take care and remember that tinsel, while it is beautiful on a tree, may act as a linear foreign body for cats. If eaten the tinsel may get stuck as it passes through the digestive track and may have to be surgically removed or may lead to cuts in the intestines that require surgical intervention. I do not recommend using tinsel in cat loving households. Don’t  worry the tree will still be beautiful!

Imagine being an active furry family member and someone has put a tree in the house (how cool) with these swinging balls at eye level. Who could resist that. Please keep this in mind and try to hang bulbs (especially breakable bulbs) higher than tail level. The three dangers are swallowing (may look like a ball to a big dog), breaking (our furry friends rarely wear shoes so cut pads may occur), and dropping hooks (which may lead to cuts in the most unfortunate places).  Please keep these tree trimming tips in mind for the holidays and both you and your furry family members are likely to have a much happier holiday.

We’re here to help you make it a safe and happy holiday season!

Dr. Chetica A. Maus

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