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Time To Decorate The Holiday Tree-Just Say No To Tinsel For A Pet-Safe Holiday!

Santa Claws Is Coming To Hound
Lets Make It A Safe Holiday!

The holiday season is upon us again and as it gets into full bloom there are several issues that may be problematic for our furry family members. The decorations are pretty mesmerizing to people and pets alike. It is often quite challenging to keep the furry ones away from the Christmas trees or the candles of the Menorah. Please take care and remember that tinsel, while it is beautiful on a tree, may act as a linear foreign body for cats. If eaten the tinsel may get stuck as it passes through the digestive track and may have to be surgically removed or may lead to cuts in the intestines that require surgical intervention. I do not recommend using tinsel in cat loving households. Don’t  worry the tree will still be beautiful!

Imagine being an active furry family member and someone has put a tree in the house (how cool) with these swinging balls at eye level. Who could resist that. Please keep this in mind and try to hang bulbs (especially breakable bulbs) higher than tail level. The three dangers are swallowing (may look like a ball to a big dog), breaking (our furry friends rarely wear shoes so cut pads may occur), and dropping hooks (which may lead to cuts in the most unfortunate places).  Please keep these tree trimming tips in mind for the holidays and both you and your furry family members are likely to have a much happier holiday.

We’re here to help you make it a safe and happy holiday season!

Dr. Chetica A. Maus

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